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Sign with MitID

Integrate digital signatures for a secure and efficient signature...

More and more companies are integrating digital signatures into their business processes. Digital signatures are not only faster and more efficient...

Verifying users for a safe sharing economy

Sometimes we are in need of certain things but do not necessarily have the time, money, or the want to buy them. Hygglo allows people to rent out and...

Improve your UX with BankID

How to improve your user login and onboarding process in Sweden

Optimizing the digital customer journey is an important factor for many companies.

BankID-app with biometrics

A record number of users have downloaded the new Norwegian BankID App

Recently, BankID in Norway launched the new BankID-app with biometrics. Due to its technical advancement, not only is the app significantly more...

3 customer benefits of using biometrics in digital authentications

The use of biometrics online helps us understand who people are and what their true identity is. Biometrics describes a person’s physical features...

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