We’re looking for
non-artificial intelligence

We’re looking for
non-artificial intelligence









Come help us protect our fellow humans

Right now, we’re on the lookout for talented F# (or full-stack) developers and sales experts to boost our outbound sales capacity. And we’re always happy to hear from people who want to help us create a safer online world through digital ID solutions.

We have the standard tech business package with good food, strong coffee and a beer fridge. Our strongest suit is a skilled senior team. Our founders have several successful businesses behind them, and Criipto is their vision for a safer online world.

Current job openings

.NET Developer, Signatures

Passionate about API design? Like to have other developers as your users? Apply for the Signatures team.


  • Location: CPH
  • Language: EN (DA)

Fullstack Engineer, Extensions

Like to work with developer experience? We’re looking for a principal engineer for our new offering Extensions.


  • Location: CPH
  • Language: EN (DA)

Unsolicited application

You found us… but did not find an open position. Let’s stay in touch anyway. Send us your resume or a link to your portfolio and LinkedIn-profile.

A simpler way to a safer world

Criipto makes eID solutions, essential for secure online interactions.


A verified identity, signature and data represents value and truth - but also a vulnerability for both user and business. Criipto’s products make a safe and error-proof transaction possible. Our aim is intelligent security-as-a-service.

Our offerings are user-trusted authentication and digital signature solutions that are integrated into your applications. We prioritize accessibility, user-friendliness, and a product that’s always compliant with local regulations and standards.


Criipto is a simpler way to a safer world.

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We're humans at work

We go to work to challenge conventional wisdom. In our view, we are obligated by our abilities - we cannot stand by while the cyber domain is dominated by a few tech monopolies and the web remains a wild west. 


We work humanely, treating others as we want to be treated. This means flexible hours, individual ways of working, curiosity, and community.


We believe that while work can be fulfilling and challenging, Criipto is not your new family. We’ll be your team, your mentor, and your colleagues.


We hope to meet you.

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We believe in autonomy

You do you, for Criipto

We believe in ownership

You build it, you run it

We believe in mastery

We collaborate to improve

Product vision: We verify humans & data

Our products are the benign glitch in the matrix

For the users, running through an otherwise smooth user journey, Criipto’s products can be an unwanted pause: “Please verify your identity”.

However, the benefits for users and organizations are huge. The user's data is safe with us and only the most necessary information is passed on. The organization has the benefit of a verified user, buyer, partner - and will maintain customer compliance.


We aim to make this little glitch in the process as transparent, benign and easy to use as possible. A simple access to a more secure user experience.

We belive that:
  1. The revolution in antifraud is not in tech, but in the use of tech. We need more organizations to join a safer way to do business with humans.

  2. Lifting the lower bar of cyber security matters more than protecting against the big cyber war. Actually, it’s the phishing that provides the intel to make the cyber attacks. The basics first!

  3. Cryptology needs more intelligent software, not hardware. Enough with the crypto boxes, security is dynamic and the weakest links are the humans.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?