Integrate BankID into your application or website, today!

Swedish BankID is an electronic identity scheme that can be used for identity proofing during onboarding of new customers, authentication of existing customers and electronic signing.

With BankID, you get a stable and secure solution that the vast majority of your customers already use and trust. People with a Swedish national identification number (personnummer) can obtain Swedish BankID through their bank. 

Expected by users, convenient for all

Swedish BankID is the most successful European e-ID with more than 400 million logins each month. If you haven't already implemented support for BankID in your app, now may be the time. With Criipto it will be as simple as setting up OpenID Connect in your application.

A strong partner for BankID onboarding

In order to start accepting BankID in your applications you must be registered with a Swedish Bank. Criipto has partnered with Swedbank to provide our customers a quick and effective onboarding process. When you are ready to go live follow the steps to apply.


QR code ready

Enable the most user-friendly and secure desktop login process by having BankID users scan a QR code. A QR code is not only user-friendly, but it also takes security into account, because the user does not need to provide their personal number when they log in.



Mobile friendly with app switching

Criipto supports app switching from your native mobile app directly into the BankID mobile app for a seamless login experience. App switch is easy to implement and improves the customer journey.



Multiple login methods

Criipto Verify is built on the OpenID Connect standard, write your integration code just once and start accepting logins from BankID on both desktop and mobile - and any other e-ID too!

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Integrate e-signatures and sign with Swedish BankID

It is also possible to integrate our product Criipto Signature. We offer a simple PDF signing service which can easily be implemented into your applications. Allow your customers to use e-signatures and sign documents with Swedish BankID to improve the security of digital signatures in your workflow.

Read more about digital signatures...

Implementing BankID support in your application

Why do I need Criipto?

With Criipto you may integrate BankID by simply configuring a standard protocol already available in your platform (OpenID Connect), no knowledge of the proprietary BankID API is needed.

Does Criipto support both Mobile and filebased BankID?

The BankID app on mobile is by far the most widely used BankID authentication/signature method. Still, you may use both Mobile and filebased BankID through Criipto and using device sensitive logic in your application you may also use direct app switching on mobile devices.

How do I migrate an existing user database to BankID?

Typically you will want the migration from an existing user database to BankID to be as seamless as possible for your users. Basically you have two options, namely either matching on social security number if you have that already. Or you will have to ask your users to do some sort of double authentication to combine the old login with the new BankID login.

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