How a Secure Login System Improves the User Experience

There are many reasons to make your login journey as easy and secure as possible.

Among other things, an optimized login journey increases the number of successful logins, protects users’ accounts, decreases customer support costs, and helps the company grow.

But businesses often struggle to provide a login process that’s both secure and seamless. They generally assume that elevated security comes at the cost of a longer, more complicated login experience.

Luckily, there are ways to create a more secure login process without sacrificing the user experience.

The problem with unsafe login systems

These days, when most of our time is spent online, an unsafe login process can cause a lot of damage. Companies are exposed to cyberattacks, while their users are at a constant risk of hackers and identity theft.

Security breaches are costly. 

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a security breach for a business with under 500 employees is $3.31 million.

These security breaches also have indirect costs that affect the customers. Unsafe logins systems that fail to protect users can lead to loss of customers, a weakened brand image, and reduced trust.

Businesses without a secure login system expose their users to:

  • Stolen accounts
  • Erased accounts
  • Canceled subscriptions to subscription-based services
  • Illegal sales or purchases on ecommerce sites

Poor security is bad for business

Criminals being able to easily user accounts have a negative impact on consumer trust and user experience. If people don’t feel safe using a service, they’re far more likely to look for an alternative. In fact, as many as 65% of consumers with a bad experience end up switching to a competitor.

If users have a bad experience with an unsafe login system, the damage is hard to rectify. Therefore, it's vital for businesses to create secure login systems to prevent such situations in the first place.

How eIDs can create a secure and user-friendly experience

The solution to increased security and improved user experience?

Electronic identities (eIDs). These are online digital identities often used by individuals to log in to public or private services such as insurance firms or bank accounts.

A few examples of eIDs are:

eIDs are a highly secure method of authentication, ensuring that the user is who they claim they are. They also provide a better user experience, because people use them regularly and know how they work. eIDs free users from having to remember passwords, relying instead on a login process they’re already familiar with.

By combining secure authentication with a more user-friendly experience, eIDs can help companies reduce costly damages from security breaches, protect users, boost customer satisfaction, and ultimately grow their business.

Learn more about eIDs here:

Simplify your login flow with Criipto's eID solutions

Criipto is an official provider of secure and efficient eIDs for authentication or digital signatures.

We make it easy for your business to start verifying customers, securely and efficiently.


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