About us

Criipto is a Copenhagen-based company that enables businesses to seamlessly and securely weave real user identity into their digital services and processes. 
Criipto’s goal is to ensure that the digital world is a safe place to roam and to live in. And we are here to make a significant contribution towards that end. 
The tools are digital identities, which can be trusted by users to be safe. They are also wrapped in neat and simple solutions to make them accessible and easy to use.
To accomplish our goal, we need to keep on being creative. The digital world is constantly changing, and because of this premise for our work, we pledge to continue to grow and continuously develop our understanding. 
We aim to contribute to the mapping of uncharted territory and to the construction of new and ever better solutions.
Our solutions will enable our customers to seamlessly integrate the best digital identity technologies available into their services and processes. 
We are with our customers every step of their journey. And while monitoring that everything is progressing as planned, we are also thinking ahead of our clients. 
We are on a mission to prevent people from ever experiencing the digital equivalent to having their house turned inside out by most unwelcome guests That is the nature of our quest and that’s exactly how we want it.


Niels Flensted-Jensen

Co-founder, CEO

Software engineer, entrepreneur, management, sales, 15 years in identity and access management.

Mikkel Christensen

Co-founder, CTO

Theoretical physicist turned software developer. Security, crypto, industrial quality software.

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