Goodbye to NemID in online banks

NemID is soon the past in Danish online banks.

Say goodbye to the NemID key card to access your online bank account. The key card is not considered safe enough as a legitimate login method in Danish banks. 

According to the Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet), the NemID key card will not be considered a legitimate method of logging in to your online bank in Denmark after the 30th of June. This is because the key card does not live up to the requirements of online customer authentication.

Not safe enough

The NemID key card is not safe enough to be used for digital authentication. The key card can both be copied and photographed, which is considered unsafe in regard to online security. 

The end of the NemID key card is a step on the way toward a safer and more digital way of verifying yourself when accessing your bank online. By removing the key card option, customers can avoid the risk of their physical codes being stolen.

The final deadline has been postponed several times before, which makes the 30th of June the last date possible to log in with your NemID key card. 31st of October has been set as the last date that NemID as a service will be used. After that, MitID will be the only eID used by Danes to verify themselves online.

Criipto is up to date with the new demand from the Financial Supervisory Authority and can offer companies in the financial sector the possibility of disabling OTP-card logins. By using Criipto as your certified broker, a smooth transition to the use of MitID and removal of Nem-ID is possible.

Interested in MitID and using Criipto as your broker? 

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