Aviant: Using BankID to Securely Verify Customer Age

Aviant is Scandinavia's first home delivery service using drones.

The innovative company currently delivers everyday products, groceries, and ready meals to Norwegian consumers through the air.

To ensure that only eligible customers could purchase age-restricted products, Aviant partnered with Criipto to provide secure age verification through Norwegian BankID.

The challenge

Aviant delivers various products in a fast and sustainable way. However, to be able to deliver age-restricted products such as OTC medicine, Aviant needed an efficient way to verify a customer’s age during checkout.

The solution

Aviant chose to perform age verification through Criipto’s Norwegian BankID solution. This enabled Aviant to legally sell and deliver age-restricted products through their platform by ensuring that customers were as old as they claimed to be.

BankID was seamlessly integrated into the ordering process, so customers could verify their age with as little friction as possible. Business Development Manager, Hanne Grotle Nore, shared her thoughts on the process:

“We needed a simple way to add age verification checks in our customer journey. Criipto made it possible for us to seamlessly and securely verify our customers through Norwegian BankID”
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The technology

Aviant developed their app in React Native and Expo, using the Criipto SDK `@criipto/verify-expo` to quickly integrate Criipto Verify.

According to App developer at Aviant, Fredrik Bjørnland, they were up and running in no time:

Integrating Norwegian BankID with biometrics in the test environment went extremely fast. We were done in a matter of hours and could instantly proceed with the application of credentials for production

The result

Aviant’s goal is to provide home delivery of all types of goods as efficiently as possible. As such, it was critical to make sure that age restrictions didn’t become a barrier to accomplishing that goal.

Criipto proudly works with Aviant to achieve the smoothest delivery service possible by providing secure and fast age verification. 

This isn’t limited to just Norwegian BankID: Aviant is already entering the Swedish market and, according to Hanne, will be able to seamlessly leverage Swedish BankID using the same Criipto integration.

“We chose Criipto since it was the best solution for us to verify our customers in multiple countries. Criipto’s integration of Norwegian BankID was simple, and through the same integration, we are able to add other eIDs when we enter new markets abroad”.

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