Gudbrandsdal Energi: Safer Customer Data and Cleaner Business Intelligence

Gudbrandsdal Energi (GE) recognized the many security limitations of traditional username-password systems: brute force attacks, leaks of credentials, re-use of passwords, and how easy it was to reset passwords or create fake accounts to pollute business intelligence.

For users, remembering usernames and passwords is also a nuisance. Besides, a username-password solution didn’t give GE any indication of exactly who its customers were.

At the same time, GE anticipated stricter regulatory requirements to collect users’ Social Security Numbers in the Norwegian utility industry

This made it a priority for GE to implement electronic identity verification.

Key points:

  • 106,000 unique users verified in 2023
  • Fast integration (two weeks)

The challenge: How to level up security

The utility industry is facing upcoming regulatory changes within customer identity verification. Usernames and passwords are not secure enough when it comes to handling important user information. That’s why both businesses and users need better protection and security.

According to Thomas Mathisen, Operations and Development Manager at GE, “the industry will definitely see changes within the upcoming years. Username and password has been far too weak, and it’s time the industry adopts secure user verification.

Already in 2022, GE wanted to enhance security and prepare for future regulations. They decided to ensure this by using Criipto to implement BankID and Vipps.

The solution: Simple integration of BankID and Vipps

During the research stage, Criipto’s simple integration and helpful documentation became dealbreakers for GE when selecting a provider of BankID and Vipps.

“We had a look at several eID providers and decided on Criipto. The documentation was extremely easy to follow for our developers and we could start integrating right away. We were up and running within two weeks''.

For such a serious upgrade to the security of GE and the safety for its customers, this was an easy win, with a low cost.

The result: More than 100.000 verified customers and GE staying ahead of regulation

In 2023, GE successfully verified 106,000 unique users through Criipto. Each verification through BankID and Vipps guarantees user authenticity, minimizes fraud risks, improves the user experience, and enhances overall security.

“The choice of implementing BankID and Vipps from the start was easy. They are secure, regularly used, and user-friendly for Norwegians. Now we can be sure that all our users are who they claim to be”.

Looking ahead, GE plans to explore digital signatures with Criipto to remain compliant with future regulations.

“We are currently integrating digital signatures into our workflow for customers who want to change their deals and need to sign new agreements. We want to position ourselves as a responsible organization that’s ahead of the curve, and not trailing behind. When the new regulations arrive, we will be fully prepared through Criipto’s solution”.

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