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Criipto Verify

Criipto Verify makes it simple and easy for developers to integrate e-IDs from Northern Europe into applications and websites. 

Integrate once and get immediate access to a number of e-IDs, such as Norwegian BankID and Dutch DigiD.
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Criipto Signature

Criipto Signature integrates the signing of PDFs with e-IDs in your own workflow. Use our API-first developer-friendly solution to create a unique signature experience for your users.

Criipto Signature is the simplest PDF signing service to set up and integrate into your own applications, whilst maintaining the highest level of security.

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Criipto Verify

The simplest way to set up MitID, BankID and other e-IDs for your business.

Danish MitID & NemID

Swedish BankID

Norwegian BankID App & Biometri (Vipps)

All our supported identities

All e-ID

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