Criipto and Uniify: Secure eID Verification for Customer Onboarding

Uniify: A compliant onboarding service

Many industries must follow regulations within KYC, KYB, customer data, credit assessments, and user identity verification. Navigating this complex landscape can be challenging, which leaves companies blindly searching for the right onboarding solution for their exact needs.

Uniify is a leading provider of onboarding solutions for the financial sector. The company addresses the above challenge by offering a unified platform, providing businesses with secure, compliant, and user-friendly onboarding.

In many cases, businesses must also authenticate users through electronic identities during onboarding.

To facilitate this, Uniify decided to partner up with Criipto.

The collaboration

Thanks to our eID solution, Uniify can now deliver eID verification during onboarding, thus enhancing security and the user experience at the same time.

The collaboration lets Uniify provide a more complete offering to its customers. At the same time, it helps Criipto extend its eID solutions to more users, delivering improved security and convenience.

“The partnership with Criipto aligns with our vision of providing comprehensive and secure onboarding solutions. Their expertise in electronic identities enhances our platform, enabling us to offer our customers a more robust and user-friendly experience.”

- Martin Sandø Jensen, CCO at Uniify

The result

We are proud of our partnership with Uniify and our joint commitment to provide secure user verification through eIDs.

We look forward to expanding our presence across Europe together with Uniify.

Learn more about Uniify’s onboarding solution >

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