Product Update: Criipto is Now an Official MitID Erhverv Broker!

We are happy to announce that Criipto has been approved as a certified MitID Erhverv (for business) broker! This means that businesses and organizations that want to allow their users to authenticate or sign documents on behalf of their company can do so via Criipto's solution.

What is MitID Erhverv?

Starting from October 31, MitID Erhverv is taking over the role of the old NemID Medarbejdersignatur as the primary identity solution for business employees in Denmark. With MitID Erhverv, employees will smoothly sign documents as well as authenticate themselves on both public and private self-service platforms on behalf of their company.

This change marks the complete phase-out of NemID Medarbejdersignatur, streamlining the authentication process for a more efficient and secure user experience.

You can read more about MitID Erhverv on our product page.

How do I get started with integration?

If you don't have a free developer account with Criipto yet – sign up for one to kickstart your integration.

Once you're in and have access to your Dashboard at Criipto, the first step is to create an application based on your requirements: choose between a Login application for authentication or a Signatures application for digitally signing PDF documents.

When your application is set up, you'll gain access to the integration guide for the technology of your choice, directly from your Dashboard. For more details, head over to the MitID Erhverv page in our documentation, where you’ll find all the information on requesting logins in business contexts and creating test users with employee privileges.

Not sure MitID Erhverv is the right fit for your organization? Check out our blog post on 3 types of MitID business logins to make an informed decision.

MitID Erhverv for authentication

Looking to create a seamless B2B Login Flow with MitID Erhverv? This blog post offers a step-by-step guide for the integration process.

And here's a glimpse of the user-friendly login experience powered by MitID Erhverv:


MitID Erhverv for digital signatures

Building a signature workflow with MitID Erhverv and Criipto also consists of just a few simple steps. Get a quick overview of the integration process in this blog post.

And check out the video below showcasing how PDF signing works in action!

Provide MitID Erhverv with Criipto as your broker

We provide the most secure and developer-friendly integration solution for MitID Erhverv.

With Criipto as your broker, you receive top tier technical support throughout the entire integration process. Our team is here to assist you before, during and after implementation.

Get started by signing up, writing to our developers directly in our Slack support channel or contact sales to discuss your needs.

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