Allow users to authenticate themselves with eIDs and provide the most secure and user-friendly login experience possible.

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eID login for your site or app

Create a friction free login experience for your users with eID authentication. We help you with integration and take care of future updates, so you can focus on running your business.


  • eID login for your website or application
  • Customizable UI
  • Secure identity verification of your customers
  • Instant developer support in our Slack channel
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For developers, by developers

For developers, by developers

Simple integration

SDKs and library support for major platforms allow developers to easily get started with the integration of eIDs. See our documentation or sign up to start implementing your authentication flow using well-known technologies like Auth0, React, .NET and Node.js.

Code Authentication-v1-wide
import React from 'react';
import { useCriiptoVerify } from '@criipto/verify-react';

const LoginButton = () => {
  const { loginWithRedirect } = useCriiptoVerify();

  return <button onClick={() => loginWithRedirect()}>Log in</button>;

export default LoginButton;


Efficient and trusted eID authentications. Sign up to our test universe and start integrating the most secure and user-friendly login flow with any supported eID.


Supported eIDs

Integrate once and get immediate access to all our supported eIDs
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Danish MitID

MitID is backed by a collaboration of the Danish government and the banking sector. MitID is a replacement for its predecessor, NemID,  and by June 2023, MitID will be the only option available.

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MitID Erhverv

MitID Erhverv is replacing the old NemID Medarbejdersignatur as the sole identity solution for business employees in Denmark. Employees will use MitID Erhverv to log in to public or private self-service platforms and read digital letters sent to the company, among other things. NemID Medarbejdersignatur will be completely phased out on October 31.

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Belgian itsme®

itsme® is a digital mobile ID accessed through an app and enables fast and secure online verifications. itsme® is used primarily in Belgium, with the Netherlands starting to pick up speed. It is used for verifying transactions, signing documents, and logging in to websites and mobile apps.

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Dutch iDIN

iDIN is provided by the Dutch banks through the Dutch Payments Association. iDIN is not a common user experience for all, as known from the Scandinavian eIDs. Instead, each user authenticates with their bank of choice.

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Norwegian BankID

The Norwegian BankID was first issued in 2004 and is now being updated with the introduction of the BankID app. The BankID app will introduce biometrics as a method of authentication. Through fingerprint or face recognition, BankID authentications will become much smoother.

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Finnish Trust Network

The Finnish Trust Network (FTN) combines identity services from Finnish banks and the Mobile ID, Mobiilivarmenne. FTN is not a common user experience for all; instead, each user authenticates with their bank of choice.

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Belgian eID

Belgian eID, .beID, is the smartcard-based government ID. This established eID requires a smartcard reader and can be used for authentication, logging into public services, and digital signatures.

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Swedish BankID

BankID is provided by the Swedish banks and is used extensively across all industries. BankID is used daily by more than 8 million people for more than 20 million authentications and digital signatures in the public and private sectors.

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Vipps Login

Vipps Login is a digital identity embedded in the hugely popular peer-to-peer payment app, Vipps.  Vipps Login provides a smooth authentication and identification experience using the most popular consumer app in Norway.  It is recommended to use Vipps Login only for lower risk, more casual authentication and identification, whereas Norwegian BankID should s the option of choice for higher security.

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Dutch DigiD

DigiD is provided by the Dutch government and is used widely across the public sector and increasingly also in the private sector. Organizations eligible to support DigID are those within the public sector or private companies that handle a public service.

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Learn more about authentication

What is authentication?

Authentication is the process of proving that an individual is who they say they are. In the digital world, this often involves granting users access to an online system or source of information.


Learn more about authentication >

eIDAS Levels of Assurance in eIDs

Trust is at the core of every form of electronic identification (eID). The eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services) framework regulates eID systems in Europe and relies on the concept of Levels of Assurance (LoA) to measure trust.

Learn more about eIDAS and LoA >

Add-ons for eID authentication

Address lookups

Verify and collect user's legal addresses with eID authentication. Provide your users with a faster onboarding experience, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and reduce the risk of identity fraud.

Caller authentication

Initiate the eID authentication on your end of the call and let users complete it on their device. Caller authentication enabled by Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA).

Why integrate eID authentication with Criipto?

Why integrate eID authentication with Criipto?

Ensure compliance

We make sure that you stay compliant with GDPR, AML and KYC regulations through national eID authentication.

Enhance UX

Simply implement our eID authentication solution into your site or app and effectively improve the user login experience.

Optimize conversions

Allow users to onboard and login with trusted identity methods and increase the number of successful authentication attempts.