Criipto Customer Story: Gudbrandsdal Energi

Gudbrandsdal Energi: Safer Customer Data and Cleaner Business...

Gudbrandsdal Energi (GE) recognized the many security limitations of traditional username-password systems: brute force attacks, leaks of...

Criipto Customer Story: Bill Kill

How Bill Kill Cut BankID Costs by 40%

Bill Kill lets users easily pay bills with any chosen debit or credit card to earn consumer rewards. They differentiate themselves by offering...

Criipto Customer Story: foodora

foodora Chooses Criipto for Frictionless Age Verification

foodora is a leading food and beverage delivery service in Scandinavia. To allow Norwegian consumers to purchase and order age restricted products,...

Aviant: Using BankID to Securely Verify Customer Age

Aviant is Scandinavia's first home delivery service using drones. The innovative company currently delivers everyday products, groceries, and ready...

Criipto Customer Story: Sportienda

Sportienda: Mitigating Fraud With Norwegian BankID Signatures

Sportienda is combating fraud on online peer-to-peer marketplaces. More specifically, the company focuses on securing the sale and purchase of...

Bikekey: Safeguarding Bike Ownership Through MitID

Bikekey: Safeguarding Bike Ownership Through MitID

Bikekey is a startup set to revolutionize the security of owning a bike in Denmark. In 2022, over 40.000 bikes were stolen. Most of them were never...

Haus Criipto Customer story

haus: Creating a smooth login experience with Swedish BankID

Haus is a Swedish digital consultancy firm that helps companies with technological solutions. One of these innovations is the integration of...

Criipto Customer Story: dcompany

dcompany: All Administration on One Platform

The Norwegian start-up, dcompany, has created a board administration platform that revolutionizes how small and medium size companies can interact...

CODAN Criipto customer story

CODAN: The easy and safe way to log in is by using MitID

The insurance company Codan deals with a lot of sensitive personal data, and they need to be certain that their customers are who they say they are...

Debbie Criipto customer story

Debbie: An unmanageable task was solved - fast!

As a helping hand from the Danish Government to Danes and Danish companies that have been badly affected by the inflation and rising energy prices,...

Hygglo Criipto customer story

Hygglo: Verifying users for a safe sharing economy

Sometimes we are in need of certain things but do not necessarily have the time, money, or the want to buy them. Hygglo allows people to rent out and...

Instabox Criipto customer case

Instabox: eID is an efficient weapon against fraud

Through Danish MitID as well as Swedish and Norwegian BankID, Instabox minimizes fraud and increases the security of online shoppers.

Criipto Customer Story: Tobi

Tobi: Customized to our needs

Tobi is a digital wealth advisor for families, helping them invest their children’s long-term wealth. Similar to what you would do with your own...

Criipto Customer Story: REMA 1000

REMA 1000: Age Verification, Sustainability, and Trust

When you do your daily grocery shopping in one of REMA 1000’s stores, you can bring groceries to your neighbors with the VIGO app.

Criipto Customer Story: Plata

Plata: As a start-up, it seems unmanageable to implement an eID

When you are the link between strangers, who wish to borrow and lend out money, it requires more than a trusted handshake, and Plata has introduced a...

Criipto Customer Story: Telenor

Telenor: We need more focus on online safety!

Last year, Telenor launched a widespread campaign for its new service, “Netsikker”, which guarantees their consumer customers legal assistance if...

Criipto Customer Story: Defero

Defero: It must be free to access your own data.

Defero is offering Norwegians and Swedes to gain insights into their own credit rating to help them negotiate better interest rates and obtain the...

Criipto Customer Story: Confrere

Confrere: The unexpected tailwind

It took time to convince the Health Authorities in Norway that video consultation could be a great alternative to optimize patient interaction, but...

Criipto Customer Story: Lendino

Lendino: Safe and easy

With crowdlending as the main product, the trust between the parties is crucial, and thus NemID is a safe tool for validation to achieve precisely...

Criipto Customer Story: Kreditdata & Uniify

Kreditdata: Crucial with solid subcontractors

To Danish company Kreditdata, it is crucial to have solid subcontractors for their onboarding platform, and therefore they chose to cooperate with...

Criipto Customer Story: VISDA

VISDA: Less administration and more security

As a public administrator, VISDA needs to ensure credibility regarding procedures and that security is increased.

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