Integrate digital signatures for a secure and efficient process

More and more companies are integrating digital signatures into their business processes. Digital signatures are not only faster and more efficient to use, but they are also more secure than physical handwritten signatures.

Companies in several different industries that rely on signatures can experience several benefits from digitizing the signature process. Through national eIDs like Swedish and Norwegian BankID or Danish MitID, companies can experience secure and encrypted signatures of documents that can effectively improve their workflow.

The business benefits of digital signatures

Digital signatures can enhance the performance of your current workflow in several different ways. Providing customers with the option to digitally sign documents instead of physically can both save time and costs, improve the user experience, increase the security of signatures and allow businesses to become more sustainable.

1. Save time and costs

Signing documents physically often results in a time-consuming process. Emailing documents back and forth or meeting up in person to sign documents requires a lot of extra time and work. Signing documents with digital signatures is a faster process which means that time is saved, and the costs that are associated with this time are also reduced.

2. Improve the user experience

Allowing your customers to digitally sign with recognized and trusted eIDs like BankID or MitID can successfully improve the user experience. Digital signatures provide a simpler and faster process since the manual work of printing, physically signing, scanning, and sending documents is removed.

3. Ensure safety and compliance

Digital signatures with eIDs like BankID in Sweden and Norway or MitID in Denmark also ensure secure and fully compliant signatures. Companies can feel safe integrating digital signatures with eIDs since they are compliant with EU regulations such as Schrems II and GDPR. Due to the added layers of identity verification, encryption, and built-in integrity checks, digital signatures live up to the highest standards of security for businesses that are dependent on them.

4. Become environmentally sustainable

With an electronic signature workflow, companies can successfully reduce the use of paper and ink, which puts less impact on the environment. By implementing digital signatures, companies and organizations can improve their CSR and ensure a more environmentally sustainable signature process.

Integrate digital signatures with Criipto

Criipto offers a seamless integration of digital signatures with any of our supported national eIDs, such as Swedish and Norwegian BankID, Danish MitID, Finnish Trust Network and Belgian itsme. All documents are produced according to the PAdES-LTA standard and are double-encrypted.

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