Why Utility Companies Need eID Verification

When customers of utility companies log in to see their electricity, water, or gas consumption, they expect a seamless and fast experience. Poor and complicated verification journeys increase the risk of customer dissatisfaction and abandonment, often leading consumers to switch to competitors.

Criipto’s eID authentication solution supports your business growth by helping you create an effortless and secure login experience for your users.

Why do you need an eID authentication solution?

So why does your utility company need eIDs in the first place?

1. Easy access to accounts

People are used to fast, easy, and efficient login processes, so they expect this from online services.

If your utility company wants to live up to this expectation, you’ll need to provide the most efficient and up-to-date login experience.

Authenticating users with eID verification lets them quickly access their accounts. They’ll use the same familiar process as when they log in to their bank account, insurance company, or telecom operator.

2. High level of security

Security is a critical factor when it comes to customer authentication. Utility companies must protect their customers’ information and data. An eID verification process makes this possible.

eIDs are a secure authentication method, which ensures that the user is who they claim they are. Because of how easy they are to use, eIDs let businesses boost security without having to compromise on the user experience.

3. Simplified onboarding

To grow as a business, companies should strive to provide a smooth registration process, making it as easy as possible for users to sign up and use their service.

After all, making registration easy is a huge part of successful customer acquisition. Using your personal eID to register for a service improves conversion rates and speeds up the onboarding process.

eIDs reduce the number of steps and information required to register. That’s why utility companies using eIDs can expect to acquire more new customers and decrease the chance of them abandoning the sign-up process.

Read more about optimizing customer onboarding with eIDs.

Optimize your authentication process with Criipto

Criipto is an official provider of secure and efficient eIDs for authentication or digital signatures.

We make it easy for your utility company to start verifying customers. 

With just a single integration, we enable eIDs like Danish MitID, Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID, Finnish Trust Network (FTN), and Belgian itsme.


Reach out to us to hear more about Criipto’s authentication solutions.

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