How Bill Kill Cut BankID Costs by 40%

Bill Kill lets users easily pay bills with any chosen debit or credit card to earn consumer rewards. They differentiate themselves by offering benefits for something consumers have to pay for, instead of only unnecessary purchases. With other credit card issuers, rewards are typically earned through daily purchases.

The challenge

Due to financial regulations in Norway, Bill Kill is obliged to verify user identities for KYC and AML purposes. The company uses Norwegian BankID to verify users during onboarding and digital signatures to sign the user agreement. As a fast-growing startup, Bill Kill faced high BankID usage costs.

The solution

Bill Kill needed a more cost-effective and simple BankID solution that could efficiently handle the technical transition. 

According to CEO and Founder Sonni Christine Jakobsen, it’s demanding to be a fintech startup and have to juggle multiple factors. Time is scarce, so fast support and easy integration were crucial when choosing a new provider.

In the end, Bill Kill chose Criipto.

The result

Switching to Criipto let Bill Kill cut costs dramatically. 

Sonni Christine claims they ended up with a better unit price per authentication and signature while also getting a technical solution that’s easier to work with. Criipto Verify can be connected to any application regardless of the language or stack it’s written in, which made it simple for Bill Kill to get it up and running. This meant Bill Kill could save time on integration and quickly take advantage of Criipto’s pricing.

“Since March 2020, we have grown exponentially and needed to find a more affordable BankID solution. By switching to Criipto as BankID providers, we were able to reduce our costs by 40%.

- Sonni Christine Jakobsen, CEO and Founder at Bill Kill

In the future, Bill Kill is planning to enter the Swedish market. Through the same integration, the company will be able to implement Swedish BankID and continue getting a favorable price for authentication and digital signatures.

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