dcompany: All Administration on One Platform

The Norwegian start-up, dcompany, has created a board administration platform that revolutionizes how small and medium size companies can interact with their board, management, and shareholders. dcompany automates the workflow model using their tailor-made solutions for corporate and legal matters, providing a platform for performing all company administration in one place.

To ensure the most secure and efficient login process possible for their users, dcompany chose to integrate Norwegian BankID on their platform with Criipto as their provider.

The challenge

dcompany’s customers are typically small or medium-sized limited liability companies and their mission is to simplify the lives of management, board members and shareholders by streamlining corporate decisions and documentation. The platform collects everything that shareholders, board members and management teams need in terms of law and administrative processes in one single place. 

Therefore, dcompany needed a secure way to verify their users before accessing sensitive company information and a fast way for smaller businesses to get started without friction. In Norway, the most efficient way to ensure both of these requirements was to implement Norwegian BankID on their platform.

The solution

Through Criipto, dcompany was able to seamlessly integrate Norwegian BankID for user authentication on their platform. The CTO of dcompany, Naimdjon Takhirov, stated that it was a simple process of getting started with Criipto: 

As a start-up, you want to get online fast and easy, and I contacted a few different suppliers of BankID, but I was a little impatient and found out I could set a test application up with Criipto, and that got me going ”. 

The free test environment that Criipto provides allows companies of all sizes to easily get started with the integration of Norwegian BankID, or any other eID, without having to commit before they are ready to go into production.

Criipto’s technical support channel via Slack also ensured dcompany with the necessary help to get them through the integration process. Naimdjon Takhirov faced an issue integrating the solution into their platform and contacted Criipto for help.

The developer support in Slack is very efficient and the response time was very fast, which ensured that I stayed with Criipto and didn’t seek other solutions ”.

The result

Through Criipto, dcompany have been able to efficiently authenticate their users with Norwegian BankID to create a secure and smooth user experience. Furthermore, dcompany are looking at entering additional markets in the future and are planning to provide eID authentication as a login alternative.

“Our vision is to expand to all European countries, and with the integration I’ve made with Criipto, it is very easy to add more eIDs as we cross borders”.

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