Criipto and Norwegian BankID: Better User Experience Through Biometrics

Criipto is a provider of digital identity solutions through European electronic identities (eIDs). One of these is Norwegian BankID with biometrics for businesses, which enables users to effortlessly verify their identity via fingerprints or facial recognition.

Because biometric authentication is so efficient, it can be leveraged for entirely new use cases and industries.

Discovering new opportunities of BankID

BankID with biometrics enables fast, trusted, and secure user verification.

We spoke to Jan Bjerved, Chief Product Officer at BankID BankAxept, who provided insights into the future potential of BankID with biometrics.

Utilizing BankID with biometrics in new indsutries

Jan sees significant potential in a biometric verification process with BankID. People can use the same login method across various platforms and be verified in under 10 seconds. This eliminates the need for lengthy or insecure usernames and passwords.

New business areas like e-commerce, online dating, and HR can all benefit from BankID with biometrics since:

  • Users can access their accounts faster
  • Users don’t have to remember or reuse lengthy passwords or usernames
  • Companies can improve the user experience while ensuring security
  • Companies can make onboarding easier and increase registrations on their platform
  • Companies will significantly reduce their user administration costs

Jan also says that providers like Criipto help bring in new companies by making it easier to start using BankID:

“BankID with biometrics helps companies across all kinds of industries make their login and onboarding experience easier, all without sacrificing security” 

In text Jan Bjerved

Criipto: a trusted partner

Criipto has been offering Norwegian BankID since 2016 and provides top-tier technical integration for companies of all sizes across industries.

As a trusted partner, we continue to work with BankID to simplify verification and authentication through biometrics while ensuring the best possible security for our customers.

“We’re extremely happy to have Criipto as partners! They successfully ensure that companies improve their user experience, strengthen security, and reduce costs as an integrator of BankID with biometrics” 

See Criipto customers using Norwegian BankID >

BankID with biometrics resources

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