Bikekey: Safeguarding Bike Ownership Through MitID

Bikekey is a startup set to revolutionize the security of owning a bike in Denmark.

In 2022, over 40.000 bikes were stolen. Most of them were never found or returned to their rightful owner. To prevent this, Bikekey created a bike registry system that digitally ties bikes to their owners through MitID verification. In 2022,

As a startup, Bikekey needed a simple and cost-effective way to integrate MitID in their system with the potential to grow their business across borders.

The challenge

Lost or stolen bikes are often not returned to their owners. That’s because there hasn’t been a system that connects a person to a bike.

In order to tackle this issue, Bikekey decided to create a digital bike registry that successfully connects bike owners to their bikes through MitID. Therefore, proving owner identity and bike ownership are critical for Bikekey’s solution to work.

For a young company like Bikekey, the challenge was to find a reliable and cost-effective MitID solution that ensured that their service was user-friendly, secure, and trustworthy.

The solution

Bikekey decided to implement MitID verification with Criipto as their broker, because of Criipto’s developer-friendly integration, affordable price, and access to technical support.

Bikekey’s CMO, Anders Holm Nielsen, is convinced Criipto’s solution was the perfect fit:

“We chose Criipto because we can grow our business internationally and provide eID authentication in a simple and affordable way that isn’t possible with other companies”
Anders Holm Nielsen, BikekeyBikekey's CMO, Anders Holm Nielsen

MitID verification is now part of Bikekey's onboarding process, helping in two main ways:

  • To trace a lost bike back to its rightful owner
  • To ensure that the seller of a bike actually owns it

Adding MitID to the authentication process is an effective way for Bikekey to ensure trust and a high level of security.


The technology

Bikekey integrated MitID through Criipto Verify using Criipto’s API directly from Python FastAPI and Requests. Bikekey uses React for their frontend, and they found it easy to implement both the API and the user redirect logic with Criipto.

Anders says the Criipto Verify Identity Provider (IdP) solution made the integration process straightforward and frictionless for their developers:

“Criipto’s technical integration and support is by far the best for startups and smaller businesses that need eIDs like MitID. It is simple, affordable, and we haven’t had any issues since we started” 

The result

Bikekey have successfully authenticated 100% of their Danish users through Criipto’s MitID solution, and the numbers are constantly growing. Bikekey’s service has helped multiple people find their lost or stolen bikes and created a more secure environment for bike owners.

In the future, Bikekey are also looking to expand their service to Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany. Their ambition is to become the first person-verified international bike registry.

With Criipto, companies like Bikekey can easily implement user authentication for any supported eIDs.

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