eID is an efficient weapon against fraud

Through eIDs, Instabox minimizes fraud and increases the security of online shoppers.

Instabox is expanding its activities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and Germany and is using eIDs as an efficient weapon to combat potential scammers.
E-commerce has experienced a huge increase throughout the past decade. To create flexibility for consumers, Instabox introduced an alternative shipping service that allows customers to pick their packages up whenever they want and without queuing. 

Lead Product Engineer Ankit Gogia explains the idea behind Instabox.
“Instabox was founded in 2015 based on the idea to offer online shoppers a more convenient and faster way to receive their parcels. Shipping with Instabox offers a choice to the customers as they can choose when, where and by whom a parcel is picked up,” he says and continues:
“Online shoppers are getting increasingly savvy, demanding flexibility when choosing their shipping service. Many online shoppers across all our markets value Instabox, as they don’t want to stay at home all day to collect a parcel or have to stand in long queues at an operated pick-up point.”

Instabox_intextPhoto: Instabox 

Fossil free delivery 

Upon the new flexibility that Instabox offers, they have also taken the technical solutions to a whole new level and added a sustainable focus.
“There are many things that set us apart from our competitors. One is clearly our technical platform. We can deliver extremely precise ETAs for when customers can collect their parcel - already in the merchant’s checkout. We also have a stronger focus on sustainability; we deliver fossil-free parcels throughout the logistics chain,” Ankit Gogia says.

eIDs to ensure secure shopping experiences

“While evaluating various eID providers via online channels and our network, we came across Criipto’s website. After contacting Criipto and discussing our requirements, it naturally felt like a good fit for us with their development-focused approach. From that point onwards, our journey with Criipto has been really amazing!”

"Our journey with Criipto has been really amazing!"

Criipto is proud to be an eID supplier for Instabox with Danish MitID/NemID and BankID in Sweden and Norway. It increases the level of security to verify the customer and minimizes fraud in unmanned box racks. 

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