An unmanageable task was solved - fast!

As a helping hand from the Danish Government to Danes and Danish companies that have been badly affected by the inflation and rising energy prices, an arrangement to push forward the payment for the extra utility expenses saw the light of day.

From November 1st, all Utility Companies are obligated to offer their customers an option to freeze the extra expenses they have on their utilities this year compared to last year and make it possible to push the payment forward two years and repay over four years. However, the Utility Companies did not have a system ready to deal with the new challenge.

Debbie_intextCEO & CTO Emil Brandt from Debbie

The startup Debbie already offered software that could solve the problem, but they needed to add user authentication for Danish MitID. Emil Brandt, CEO & CTO from Debbie, tells the story:
“Our software could already handle the subscription, invoicing, and installment plan, so all we needed was to add the layer of security through verification. We wanted to find a supplier that took care of all the maintenance since it is not our specialty.”

Fast but still safe

In only a few days, Debbie was up and running with a great solution that 7 of the existing Utility Companies have decided to use for the “freezing arrangement.”

“Time was an important factor when building verification into the solution, and with Criipto, we experienced that it was the best solution to integrate for us as developers, the pricing was extremely fair, and we received great support. If we choose to expand to Norway or Sweden, I know where to turn to for verification.”

Debbie has 6 employees, collects debts for 3-4.000 companies, and has handled more than 200.000 cases.

Adding verification ensures an extra layer of safety

Are you interested in providing a secure authentication flow through electronic identities like Danish MitID?

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