Tobi: Customized to our needs

Tobi is a digital wealth advisor for families, helping them invest their children’s long-term wealth. Similar to what you would do with your own pension saving. 

The idea behind Tobi was conceived in 2016, and the company was co-founded in 2017 by Jacob Munk-Stander and Nicolai Galal. It took years to be able to enter the market with a completely new value proposition, so the launch was not possible until April 2021.

“We wanted to offer families with children a real alternative to the regular children's savings accounts with very low interests - if any at all. We are in a new reality with negative interests, and in that term, our child savings service was ready at the right time,” Jacob Munk-Stander says. 

Be trusted

Being a start-up, you must convince the market that you are here for the long run and can be trusted. Especially when handling people's money. 

“Adding an eID that people are already familiar with and have a secure feeling towards was necessary. Furthermore, we are a financial product which comes with many regulations from the Danish Financial Service Authority” Jacob Munk-Stander says and adds that they also needed a solution for e-signatures since Tobi offers a fully digital service to busy parents.



Digital document signing 

Since Criipto did not support document signing at the time, another provider was chosen at launch.

“During the development process, it has been vital to us that we spend our time in the right way. When MitID was launched in the fall of 2021 and Criipto had a signature solution on its way, it was the obvious choice for us to switch to Criipto, which we have not regretted”, Jacob Munk-Stander mentions and adds:

“Criipto has given us the best support we could have asked for."

"Any questions we have are answered promptly and with solutions that quickly move us forward. Furthermore, we appreciate the many features that would otherwise cost money with other providers, are available at no additional cost. I feel Criipto have customized their solution to our specific needs. Criipto has great documentation and made it simple for me to go live in a few days.” 

Tobi has integrated digital signatures with MitID into their workflow. Read more about MitID or digital signatures on our product page. 

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