CODAN: The easy and safe way to log in is by using MitID

The insurance company Codan deals with a lot of sensitive personal data, and they need to be certain that their customers are who they say they are when they are using, buying, or canceling insurance. 

Secure authentication with MitID

Digital architect André Høyer Sørensen is in charge of all the self-service and sales solutions in Codan and Alm. Brand Group, and to him, authentication with MitID or NemID is both the best and safest way to let users and financial partners access their data.

“Using MitID as a login solution was both the safest and the easiest for our customers. They recognize MitID as a secure login, and they know how to use it. They don’t have to remember a password or what email address they registered with or activate a link in an email. Using eID is easy and safe”

André Høyer Sørensen also adds that it is the safest way to interact with their financial partners:

“When everyone needs to authenticate to enter our system, it adds an extra layer of safety and ensures that our partners only get access to the data they are entitled to.”

Codan has styled their login flow.


UX is important

Codan and Alm. Brand Group is ongoing working to improve their user experience, and they have both styled their MitID frame and activated web-to-app switch to simplify the login process and ensure a safe journey for their users.

“It is important to us that it is easy for our users to get access to our platform, and whatever adjustments we can make that improve the journey are valuable. And web-to-app switch is a great tool for improving successful logins”

André Høyer Sørensen also states that the possibility of adding the styling of Codan creates a better login experience:

“Our customers have a feeling that they stay in our universe, and with Criipto, we have all the needed styling options to obtain that feeling.” 

Codan has been acquired by Alm. Brand Group and the merger of their platforms have been smooth since Alm. Brand already uses Criipto.

Criipto as MitID broker

Criipto is an official, certified MitID broker and currently serves more than 400 companies of all sizes. Read more about our customers and learn how they use Criipto for eID authentication and digital signatures.

Criipto is built for developers, by developers and provides extensive customization and extensibility options for you to create the on-brand experience your users appreciate.

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