Why MitID Is the Future of Digital Age Verification in Denmark

Why MitID Is the Future of Digital Age Verification in Denmark

It’s too easy to access age-restricted products online in Denmark. If you want to buy alcohol, nicotine, or tobacco products, it’s enough to simply...

Certified MitID Broker: Easily Integrate MitID With Criipto.

Criipto: Certified MitID Broker

Criipto is a certified MitID broker in Denmark. We help businesses and organizations integrate MitID for authentication (login) and digital...

MitID app QR code and app switch

The MitID app introduces QR code and app switch

On June 6, 2023, the level of security and user experience of the MitID app will improve. This will take the form of two changes: A QR code will...

Danish MitID is taking over

On October 22nd, MitID will be displayed as the primary login option for all users in Denmark when visiting public websites such as Skat.dk,...

3 ways to improve the MitID user experience

Suppose you have already integrated the Danish MitID into your web or mobile app. In that case, chances are you already know it's not that...

Goodbye to NemID in online banks

NemID is soon the past in Danish online banks.

More than 4 million users of Danish MitID

Every Monday, the brokers of Danish MitID receive an update on how the migration of the users from NemID is going, and now more than 4 Mio users are...

The end of NemID is postponed

An extraordinary situation at the Danish Civic Service Centre (Borgerservice) has postponed the exit of NemID, the Danish Agency for Digital...

App switch for Danish MitID is here!

Today we can announce exciting news from our technical department, as App Switch for Danish MitID in browsers has been released.

Danish MitID - Be ready in an instant

Since Danish MitID went online, there have been some waiting time to get your mit.dk subdomain set up, and therefore the process of integrating MitID...

MitID vulnerability fixed with QR code

Danish MitID vulnerability may be fixed with QR code

A few days ago, the Danish national broadcaster, DR, published a story documenting that the new Danish MitID has a vulnerability requiring a fix.

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