MitID Erhverv (for business)

MitID Erhverv is the new identity solution for companies and organizations in Denmark. Sign up to get started with Criipto as your MitID Erhverv broker or get in touch with an expert.

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What is MitID Erhverv?

MitID Erhverv is replacing the old NemID Medarbejdersignatur as the sole identity solution for business employees in Denmark. Employees will use MitID Erhverv to log in to public or private self-service platforms and read digital letters sent to the company, among other things. NemID Medarbejdersignatur will be completely phased out on October 31.


Certified broker for MitID Erhverv

Criipto is a certified MitID broker. Through our developer-friendly integration, you can implement MitID Erhverv on your website or application so users can authenticate themselves or sign documents on behalf of their company.


Start off by taking a look at our documentation or reach out to our developers in our Slack channel for technical support.


For developers

Simple integration

SDKs and library support for major platforms allow developers to easily integrate MitID Erhverv into their app or website. Sign up for free and start implementing your authentication flow using well-known technologies like Auth0, React, .NET and Swift.

See documentation
Code Authentication-v1-wide
import React from "react";
import { useCriiptoVerify } from "@criipto/verify-react";

const LoginButton = () => {
  const { loginWithRedirect } = useCriiptoVerify();
  const login = () => {
      acrValues: 'urn:grn:authn:dk:mitid:business'

  return (
    <button onClick={login}>
      Log in

export default LoginButton;

JWT claims

Validate Danish companies, citizens and people living in Denmark to obtain name, social security number (CPR), CVR number, company name and optionally their address.

code-jwt-no bankid

The fastest way to implement MitID Erhverv

Technical Documentation

Get started with the dedicated section of our documentation, or choose from various integration guides for the technology of your choice. 


Explore our docs for detailed information.

Integrating B2B logins with MitID Erhverv

Take a look at our technical step-by-step guide to get the smoothest start possible to integrating authentication with MitID Erhverv.


Read our guide on how to integrate MitID Erhverv logins.

Building MitID Erhverv signatures workflow

Optimize your MitID Erhverv signature process by creating customized workflows through Criipto Signatures API. Read our article and learn how to get started.


Learn how to start implementing MitID Erhverv signatures.


0.75 DKK per authentication + Criipto transaction price

With Criipto as broker for MitID Erhverv, you estimate the number of authentications or digital signatures and choose one of our pricing plans that suits your need. Once in production, you also pay a MitID Erhverv provider fee of 0.75 DKK per authentication.

Calculate your price for authentication.

Calculate your price for digital signatures.

Setup fee
1.200 DKK

Criipto price plan
From 0.48 DKK to 0.29 DKK per transaction.

Price per MitID Erhverv authentication
0.75 DKK

Payment & invoicing
Monthly or yearly basis

Frequently asked questions

How do start integrating MitID Erhverv with Criipto as broker?

You can learn all about getting started in our technical documentation, or you can create a free developer account to begin testing our integration on your own.

What are the different types of MitID Erhverv logins?

There are three different types of logins for MitID Erhverv:

- Management representative
- MitID Erhverv: Citizen with professional identity
- MitID Erhverv: Separate professional identity

They are all used in different situations and differ in terms of user experience and user data.

Ready to get started?

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