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Deliver age-restricted products with secure customer age verification

Let customers seamlessly order age-restricted products by verifying their age and identity through eID authentication.

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Deliver age-restricted products to the right, verified customers

Age verification should not disrupt the customer journey. Use eID authentication to confirm your customers’ age without additional friction.

Enable the delivery of age-restricted products to verified customers.

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foodora originally chose and continues to use Criipto as our main provider for secure identification and age verification on our platform
Carl Randers
Operations Director, foodora
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We needed a simple way to add age verification checks in our customer journey. Criipto made it possible for us to seamlessly and securely verify our customers through Norwegian BankID
Hanne Grotle Nore
Business Development Manager, Aviant
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Allow your customers to verify their age once, so they can safely shop, order, or access age-restricted products and services.

Reach the right customer. Every time.

Criipto’s eID age verification solution is KYC compliant, so you can be sure that each customer is who they claim to be.

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Verify age without sacrificing the user experience

Add secure eID authentication to let customers verify their age without introducing any friction.

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