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Streamline your verification with secure eID authentication

Optimize your financial service and increase conversion rates. Add eID verification to your onboarding, login, or signature workflow.

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Protect your customers’ data

Reduce the risk of identity fraud and provide a trustworthy service.

Simplify the onboarding journey

Help new customers get started instantly, with zero friction.

Streamline the signature process

Save time, reduce costs, and enhance security when signing financial documents.

Protect user data and reduce fraud

Secure authentication reduces the risk of identity fraud and makes your users feel safe. Identify 100% of your customers, comply with KYC rules, and manage access to sensitive data with eID verification.

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We are happy to work with Criipto who helps us protect our user's data through both Swedish and Norwegian BankID.
Eigil Arff Tarjem
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In only a matter of days, we added the extra layer of security that we needed through Criipto's eID verification solution.
Emil Brandt
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Facilitate your customer onboarding

Avoid customer drop offs and high abandonment rates. Our trusted eID solution helps your users get started in a fast, simple, and secure way.

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Reduce the time spent on signing documents

Remove friction when signing financial documents. Integrate eIDs into your signature flow to eliminate manual processes and increase customer satisfaction without compromising security.

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Adding an eID to the signature flow that is secure and people are familiar with was necessary. We are a financial service which comes with many regulations from the Danish Financial Service Authority that we manage to comply with.
Jacob Munk-Stander
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