Danish MitID - Be ready in an instant

Since Danish MitID went online, there have been some waiting time to get your mit.dk subdomain set up, and therefore the process of integrating MitID has been too long.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while working on a solution. It is here!

Until today, when a customer wanted to move to production with MitID, they had to wait for approval and setup from both Criipto and Nets. Often this would take 7-10 days (and recently even 30 days).

From now on, when a customer uses Criipto’s management UI, they can be set up for production instantly by using our shared domain criipto.mitid.dk. Once Nets has set up your own subdomain, we will seamlessly switch you over.

Sounds great?

Sign up at our free test universe today and get started.

You can find all the necessary information in our documentation. 

Technical questions?

If you have technical questions, please get in touch at support@criipto.com.

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