Norwegian BankID app with biometrics

Provide a faster and more user-friendly authentication experience for your users with the new BankID app.

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Get started with Criipto

New to BankID or Criipto?

You can order and integrate BankID through Criipto and we will automatically make sure that your merchant credentials are enabled for the BankID app with biometrics.

Already using BankID?

Your existing BankID agreement needs to be updated to support the new BankID app. If you already have BankID through Criipto, you simply need to get your agreement amended.

Reduce transaction costs with the BankID app

Reduce transaction costs with the BankID app

The per-transaction fee for BankID with biometrics is 16% lower than BankID High (mobile BankID). Reduce your cost while also improving the login experience for your users.

The per-transaction fee for BankID with biometrics is 16% lower than BankID High (mobile BankID). Reduce your cost while also improving the login experience for your users.

For developers

Integrate BankID in hours, not days

If you have already integrated BankID through Criipto, it’s simply a matter of changing a single configuration value, after your agreement has been amended. For new Criipto customers, we offer a wide range of guides and tutorials to get you started.

Code Authentication-v1-wide
import React from "react";
import { useCriiptoVerify } from "@criipto/verify-react";

const LoginButton = () => {
  const { loginWithRedirect } = useCriiptoVerify();
  const login = () => {
      acrValues: 'urn:grn:authn:no:bankid:substantial'

  return (
    <button onClick={login}>
      Log in

export default LoginButton;

Same quality of information as BankID High

BankID Substantial offers the same user information as BankID High and you will still be able to get access to user social numbers, addresses and more.

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Faster authentication with biometrics

Experience a secure, fast, and user-friendly login process with biometric authentication. Users of the BankID app log in with fingerprint or facial recognition, which reduces the time for authentication to under 10 seconds while being completely frictionless.

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BankID High vs BankID with biometrics (Substantial)

The assurance level "BankID with biometrics" (Substantial) will be offered by default with the BankID app and will cover almost all cases of verification. Companies that need assurance level "High" will need to upgrade to it. When "High" is required, the BankID app will automatically prompt the user for a password, making the process seamless.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with Norwegian BankID with biometrics?

Get started by signing up and creating a free developer account. You will then get access to our test environment where you can integrate and test BankID with biometrics for as long as you like. Finally, you will have to order BankID with biometrics and choose a subscription plan once you are ready to go into production.

If you are already using the mobile BankID with Criipto, there are only minor changes in switching to the BankID app.

What is the difference between the mobile and the BankID app?

The main difference lies in the fact that the BankID app is significantly more user-friendly than its predecessor. With biometric authentication, users can authenticate themselves much faster than before. Furthermore, the new BankID is based on a technology that enables the app to continuously improve in the future.

How are BankID assurance levels affected by the introduction of the BankID app?

BankID with biometrics will be the second-highest level and cover almost all cases of authentication. If companies need the highest level of assurance, they will have to upgrade to BankID High.

How can I integrate BankID with biometrics?
You can integrate BankID with several different technologies such as Auth0, Okta, React, Node.js and .NET. If you're interested in integrating BankID with Auth0 or Okta, we have written two guides that are easy to follow and will help you get started.

Ready to get started?

Create a free developer account and start integrating the BankID app with biometrics in our test environment.