Fullstack Engineer, Extensions

What you'll do

Extensions is a new offering enabling our customers to extend the login and signature process offered by Criipto.

As the principal engineer for extensions, you will work with the product team to expand offering to match customer needs and take ownership of everything from API design to infrastructure.

Your primary users will be other developers, so ideally you are interested in developer experience.

  • Build our new “Bring Your Own Code” offering allowing developers to write code to extend the login process.
  • Add new integrations for country specific services, such as address or company registries.
  • Build a secure zero-trust infrastructure that is scalable and as loosely coupled as possible.

Who you are

  • 3+ years of experience with Node.js
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Experience with Amazon AWS
  • Passionate about developer experience
  • Value data security and user privacy
  • (Bonus) Experience with frontend development
  • (Bonus) Experience with AWS CDK

Our principles: Poka yoke and minimal queuing

We work with two principles: poka-yoking and queue theory.

Poka yoke is a Japanese term for mistake-proofing in the design of a product. Simply put, Criipto’s products are designed to prevent misuse and mistakes. That does not happen by making extensive error catching, but by eliminating error categories altogether. That’s what makes our product code clean, simple and almost elegant.

One of the biggest issues today is mental capacity. No matter how good you are, you have a limit to your working memory. Thats why we think in queue theory in the development team. If the backlog keeps piling up, and the team’s workload is always at maximum, efficiency slows.
It’s like a road with heavy traffic. The second someone hits the brakes, there’s a cascading effect behind that car - everything slows down immediately. That’s why our roadmap is never too full, and why we aim to be booked at 50%. That gives us capacity to handle everything from great ideas to customer support on a daily basis.

We like the concept of Kaizen - where we as a team work at continuous improvements. Both in the product and in the way we work.

Criipto: A simpler way to a safer world

At Criipto we are on a quest to make the digital world a safe place to roam. Our mission is to prevent people from having their digital identity stolen or misused. 

Our tools are identity authentications, which can be trusted by users to be safe. They are wrapped in neat and simple solutions, accessible, and easy to use. Our solutions enable our customers to integrate the best available digital identity technologies into their business. As their partner in the process, we monitor that everything is progressing according to plan, while preparing for the future by thinking ahead - in tech, legal and UX.

To succeed we need to be creative and adapt to the ever changing digital world. That is why we pledge to continuously develop our understanding and to map uncharted territory to fuel our construction of a safer digital world. 

Such is the nature of our quest, and that’s exactly how we want it.