Criipto PermitControl user access andpermissions to your app

What’s Criipto Permit?

Control access to your app

With Criipto Permit you invite your customers, partners, and suppliers to use your apps. They will use Criipto to control who should get access to your apps and to what extent.

Or use the Criipto Permit API to automate the entire onboarding process as your business customers show up on your doorstep.

Self-service User Admin

Once onboarded, your B2B customers will onboard their employees and manage their permissions to access your applications.

Criipto provides a self-service web application for you and your customers to onboard and manage organizations and their users.

Integrate with Your Applications

If you use a service like Auth0 for authentication you grant us access to your Auth0 tenant, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The service may also be integrated directly into your application authentication flow. Or if you use Microsoft Azure AD, Criipto will keep it in sync with user permissions.

Get started


Set up your login flow

Set up your subscription with Auth0 and register your apps. Test it out and see how user identity flows right into your applications. Sign in with social logins, corporate accounts, or whatever you desire.


Set up Criipto Permit

Once you sign up for Criipto Permit, you will authorize Criipto to work with your Auth0 subscription to read data – applications and users – and write rules.

For each application, you set up all the roles/permissions that you use for access control in your code.


Invite customers and partners

You are now open for business. From Criipto Permit, you may invite partners, customers, and others to use your chosen applications with the relevant role subsets.

Partners then invite their employees and users the same way.


Operate and expand


Invite your business partners

You have everything up, and you’re open for business. As the owner and provider of applications, you invite partners, customers, and others to use your applications with the eligible roles you choose.


Self service on-boarding and user management

Through the Criipto Permit UI – possibly iframed into your web application – partners and customers invite and manage their users. Users are always managed as part of one or more organizations.


Users sign in to access apps and APIs

Users sign into mobile apps, web applications, and access your APIs. Their login information – their tokens – carry a collection of user information including their exact permissions as assigned by their organization.

The value of your applications grow as customers gain confidence in their ability to manage their own users and the permissions they are granted.


Pricing depends on the number of enterprises and users you are handling and thelevel of activity and admin you need. Get in touch and we will help you identify yourneeds.

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