Less administration and more security

As a public administrator, VISDA needs to ensure credibility regarding procedures and that security is increased.

VISDA uses NemID and MitID to ensure credibilityVISDA receives both parts today with NemID – and MitID via Criipto as a broker in the near future.

VISDA is an administrative organisation that, since 1986, has built bridges between the right-holding image creators and the image users. Today, VISDA represents more than 160,000 Danish and foreign image creators and has a wide-ranging national and international network of clients using art and images for education, books, movies, museums, TV, the internet, and within companies.

NemID has many advantages

VISDA’s head of administration, Bo Tieldal, believes that NemID has many advantages, but there are precisely two worth pointing out.

“First of all, NemID is a well-known login that is associated with a high degree of security and validity which means that our customers and the right-holders already are familiar with this, and they feel that they can securely share the necessary data reportings with us,” he says and continues:

“Meanwhile, we don’t have any administration of user accounts and logins where doubt about the user’s identity may arise. When everyone uses NemID, we reduce the risk of fraud involving the reportings and thus the distribution of the funds,” he explains and elaborates by explaining that VISDA simultaneously pays the funds to a NemKonto (an account of NemID), which is connected via the right-holder’s CPR number (Danish personal identification number).

Ready for MitID with Criipto

VISDA is in the process of migrating to MitID and has chosen Criipto as a broker. VISDA is approved by the Ministry of Culture to handle and manage reporting and payment of the creative’s copyright compensation and thus uses NemID as identification control.

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