Verifying users for a safe sharing economy

Sometimes we are in need of certain things but do not necessarily have the time, money or the want to buy them. Hygglo allows people to rent out and borrow other people’s things over a peer-to-peer rental platform. An idea that is highly based on trust and security since people who rent their things out to others want to be sure that they get them back. The key in making this work lies within ensuring the real identities of the users. To create trust between the renters.

Hygglo’s mission is to create a sharing economy through the usage of people’s things and belongings that they already have at home. The platform also focuses on creating a more sustainable environment through the reuse of things, and aims to positively change society in becoming more social and helpful.

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Founded in 2016, Hygglo is the largest peer-to-peer rental company in Europe and are reliant on high quality authentications of their users. Hygglo has used Criipto’s digital identity solution and integrated the electronic identities (eIDs) FTN in Finland, and NemID and MitID in Denmark to help verify their users and ensure trust to the platform.

The need for user authentications
User authentications are extremely important for us since credit reports and identification is what we base the trust to the platform on”, says product manager and co-founder Henrik Fräsén.
Hygglo was first launched in Sweden and has always requested users to identify themselves with their personal eID - the success of the platform relies on it. Therefore, Hygglo needed an efficient eID solution in order to get going when the platform first launched in Finland and Denmark.

The solution
Criipto provided Hygglo with an effective integration of FTN, NemID and MitID so that the peer-to-peer platform could instantly start verifying their users from the day of the launch. “Being able to rent your things out to someone, and to be sure that you will get them back, is one of the mainstays of what Hygglo is, so high-level verification is extremely important. This is what Criipto provides through the various identification solutions that are available” says Fräsén.
The solution has also been simple and effective since the three different eIDs have all been implemented through one integration with Criipto.

The result
With Criipto’s authentication solution, Hygglo’s Finnish and Danish users have been able to register to the platform easily and start renting things in a secure, environmental and trusted manner. Furthermore, Fräsén also mentions that the technical documentation and support by Criipto has not only helped Hygglo to get started, but also in maintaining and optimizing the function of the eIDs used after integration.
“I have received very good and personal answers from Criipto’s support. The quality has been very high”,
says Fräsén.

Integrate eID authentication solutions with Criipto
Criipto supplies companies with a seamless and effective integration of several national eIDs to allow their users to authenticate themselves or digitally sign documents on their app or site. Hygglo have integrated our authentication solution on their Finnish and Danish sites, where implementation of eIDs in several different countries is both simple and possible with one single integration.

We provide companies and organizations from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway with various eID solutions for secure and effective user authentications and signatures.

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