The Norwegian BankID-app is here! - Logg inn med finger eller fjes 🧏‍♀️

The Norwegian mobile BankID is being phased out in Norway, and will be replaced by the Norwegian BankID-app with biometrics, a safer, faster and more user-friendly version of BankID. Logging in with either “finger eller fjæs” (fingerprint or facial recognition) has never been more efficient.

And for businesses, it is now possible to integrate the new Norwegian Biometric BankID-app to your website or application with Criipto!

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The efficiency of biometrics
What makes the BankID-app stand out is the use of biometrics. This will allow users to log in with fingerprint or facial recognition, making the process of logging in a lot faster than before. 

“As the current solution takes approximately 30 seconds, logging in with the BankID-app will take less than 10 seconds when we launch biometrics. People will use this type of login in more and more situations. If you are going to sign agreements that require extra security, you must still use your personal password”, says the Chief Product Officer of BankID, Jan Bjerved, in a press release.

According to Bjerved, the BankID-app also allows for the potential to improve the user experience and adapt to new requirements.

“The transition to the BankID-app means that we can offer more services that provide added value for users in the years to come. It also means that we can more easily adapt to new requirements and expectations for user-friendliness, accessibility and information in the future


Making BankID accessible for the users
“The BankID-app supports more areas of use than BankID on mobile. The service also has no costs for end-users and only requires data traffic to function. This makes the service more stable and reliable for the users”, says Bjerved. The BankID-app will not only make logins faster and more secure, but also more accessible which can hopefully make people use the app throughout their whole lives. 

It is still possible to use the mobile BankID. However, users will not be able to activate their BankID again through mobile if they get a new SIM card or lose their phone.


For individual users: 3 pointers before downloading the app
Changing the way we do things can be difficult for some. For all future users of the Norwegian BankID-app with biometrics, prepare yourself by reading these 3 important points before downloading the app.

  1. To be able to start using the BankID-app, you need an active BankID certificate. Take a look on to see if you have an active certificate. If your certificate has expired, you have to order a new one in your bank. Prepare yourself by checking this early as it can take a long time to receive a new BankID certificate.

  2. The password you will use for the BankID-app is the same as the one for kodebrikken. You can always receive a new password from your bank if you have forgotten it by ordering a new one.

  3. Start the activation of your BankID-app when you have enough time to complete it. Due to security measures, activation through mobile BankID will ask you to wait for an hour before finishing the process. After that, you will have 2 hours to complete the activation of the BankID-app.

Users of BankID in Norway have already started downloading the BankID-app. We offer a seamless, fast and priceworthy integration of the Norwegian BankID-app with biometrics into your application or website.

If you already have Norwegian BankID and want to integrate the BankID-app, fill out the application for Norwegian BankID and send it to Due to the new terms and conditions, it must be completed again.

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