The end of NemID is postponed

An extraordinary situation at the Danish Civic Service Centre (Borgerservice) has postponed the exit of NemID, the Danish Agency for Digital Government announced today. 

In a press release from The Danish Agency for Digital Government, it has been announced that the end of the Danish e-ID NemID has been postponed from the end of June to October 31st, 2022.

“Most Danes can get MitID from home, but some citizens need to go to the Civic Service Centre to switch to MitID. Unfortunately, it has become clear that the extraordinary situation with refugees from Ukraine, a change in the passport regulation, and a referendum regarding the Danish defence reservations in the EU have put unexpected pressure on the Civic Service Centre, which means most centres around the country can’t offer enough available timeslots for the required citizen service. Because of these unexpected extra tasks, some citizens can’t get their MitID before the end of June 2022. In association with the member banks from Finance Denmark, we have decided to postpone the deadline by four months, which allows all citizens enough time to make the switch to MitID,” Adam Lebech from The Danish Agency for Digital Government says.

Around 5 million people need to get MitID, and 3.4 million people have already switched to the successor of NemID.

The postponement of the end of NemID is not a new lease on life for the psychical NemID key card, which is not to be used after June 30th, 2022, as it is against the financial services regulations of the EU.

MitID Wide

Director of Digitalization in Finans Danmark Michael Busk Jeppesen says:
“It is crucial that as few people as possible need to use the key card for NemID. It is only to be used by people with special needs who have not been able to get MitID or the NemID mobile app. The key card is not a solution that adheres to the security regulations for financial services in the EU, which is one of the reasons we all need to get MitID.”

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NB! This adaptation of the Danish press release from The Danish Agency for Digital Government is not to be quoted, as words may have been lost in translation.

You can read the full press release from the Agency for Digital Government here: