Sign - safe and secure

With the latest product launch from Criipto, it is now safe and secure to sign documents across borders using the vast number of e-IDs, which are already on the market.


Criipto Signature offers to verify the signer and seal documents the moment they are signed, retaining complete evidence of user identity and actions at every step with existing e-IDs.

Co-founder and CEO Niels Flensted-Jensen determines:
“At Criipto, our finest assignment every single day is to help our customers reduce fraud and increase digital safety, and Criipto Signature is a new tool to fight the criminals,” he says and continues:
“Norwegian and Swedish Bank ID, Danish NemID and MitID, Belgian Itsme, Finnish Trust Network, and many other strong e-IDs are already in the market. With Criipto, our customers can choose the ones they need. Simple and secure.”

Criipto guarantees full compliance, secure encryption, simple set up, instant sealing, and complete workflow integration.

No customer is ever left behind

“The development team is available at Slack, and there is instant help when in need,” Niels Flensted-Jensen states and continues:
“The solution allows companies to style with own branding and fit the company’s visual identity and can be embedded seamlessly as a natural part of the customer flow.”

The team at Criipto mainly consists of developers, which significantly impacts the solution.
“Besides the launch of Criipto Signature as a safe signing tool and an add-on to our authentification service, we provide the same high level of support at Slack. With us, you are always in direct contact with the developers who develop and drifts our solutions today.”

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