More than 4 Mio users of Danish MitID 🔐📲

Every Monday, the brokers of Danish #MitID receive an update on how the migration of the users from #NemID is going, and now more than 4 Mio users are registered.

For all companies that currently are NemID service providers, switching to MitID brings a new login experience for your users, and you will have to change your UI flow to accommodate MitID. On the technical integration side, you are required to integrate with a MitID broker such as Criipto, implying a switch to the OpenID Connect federated authentication protocol.

By switching your NemID integration to Criipto now, you will also be technically set for MitID. All that is required is to send a different parameter value specifying the kind of authentication chosen.

The Danes are ready, but several companies are not.
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