MitID Erhverv is taking over from Medarbejdersignatur

The successor of Danish Medarbejdersignatur is ready to take over, and at our seminar on November 24th, we will inform you about the new digital business eID, MitID Erhverv.

24th of November, 15:30 PM - 18:00 PM at Kosmopol, København.

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The speakers are Bjarke Alling from Liga and Niels Flensted-Jensen from Criipto. 
The seminar is a non-technical review and will be in Danish.

See the full program and read more here.

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MitID is the next generation e-ID, a successor to NemID. From the 31st of October 2022, MitID will be the only personal e-ID option in Denmark. MitID requires you to integrate via a certified MitID broker such as Criipto. With MitID integrated into your application or website, you can also use App Switch in browsers. 

Read more about App Switch for MitID and how it can improve your login process.