The bad guys have also discovered MitID

According to several police districts, the Danes are getting calls from seemingly friendly scammers wanting to help with the transition to MitID.

MitID is the new Danish eID to replace NemID

Still, the police districts also inform that the scammers only help with emptying citizens' bank accounts.

The transition from NemID to MitID has started, and now several police districts warn against online fraud where citizens get robbed of their log-in for NemID on the pretext of helping them sign up for MitID. But how do you recognise such scammers?

Our co-founder and CEO, Niels Flensted-Jensen, has a piece of advice to avoid falling into the trap:

”As a starting point, you should always ignore e-mails, SMS messages, and calls regarding NemID and MitID sign-ups. You always receive this information via e-boks (a Danish provider of a digital postbox) or your online bank. Your NemID and MitID are yours - and yours personally. Never inform strangers about this - no matter whom they say they are,” he says and continues:

”If you are older, all the digital stuff may be a bit of a jungle, and if so, it would be a great idea to consult with someone you trust in cases of doubt. Or reach out to civil service. But you should never hand out your key card or similar types of information for NemID, MitID, or the online bank for that matter.”

Criipto is one of the few certified brokers of MitID delivering the identification solution for companies that want to leverage MitID for log-in in the future.

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