Safe and easy

With crowdlending as the main product, the trust between the parties is crucial, and thus NemID is a safe tool for validation to achieve precisely this.

Lendino uses MitID to validate their users

Lendino is an online platform where small and medium-sized companies can lend directly from private and professional investors, called crowdlending. Being the link between lenders and borrowers, it is essential to maintain a high level of security between the parties and ensure that the legislation in this area hence is applied.

Lendino’s software architect, Olav Grøndal, informs that NemID is the easiest and safest way of doing this:

”We mainly use NemID when customers create an account. We need assurance that it is them creating it and that it is their CVR number (a Danish number for registered businesses). That way, we can do our part to minimise fraud,” he says and continues:

“NemID provides safety for all users as it is a well-known system that Danish people, in general, trust a lot.”

Chooses Criipto again

The launch of NemID’s replacement, MitID, has started, and Lendino has again chosen Criipto, one of the few providers of MitID.

”We have previously been a client at one of Criipto’s competitors, but I have to say that Criipto is the best. We have received the support we needed, and it has been of high quality - without extra costs,” Olav Grøndal says and concludes:
“It has been completely effortless to integrate MitID with Criipto.”

Find out more about MitID here.