Crucial with solid subcontractors

To Danish company Kreditdata, it is crucial to have solid subcontractors for their onboarding platform, and therefore they chose to cooperate with Criipto.

CEO Troels Burmølle from Kreditdata knows the value of solid subcontractors

Kreditdata is an onboarding platform for financial companies that, to adhere to the applicable guidance on credit rating, uses Kreditdata’s online tool for this purpose.

”We have to ensure the customer’s identity at the sign-up, for which the familiar NemID is an excellent tool. It is part of our philosophy not to do all integrations ourselves but instead finds the best collaborators as suppliers. In this case, we have been very satisfied using Criipto, as we are entirely confident that Criipto maintains the API,” says the CEO of Kreditdata, Troels Burmølle. However, he is concerned that the new MitID cannot be used in an iframe like NemID.
“People will get used to MitID opening in a new window, but we had hoped for more options,” he emphasises.

Ready for MitID 

And Kreditdata is ready to activate MitID. They just haven’t decided yet when they will launch it on
“We participated in some of the first webinars at Criipto, and everything is now ready to be launched. Criipto has helped us with this, so now we only need to decide when the customers should have the option to log on via MitID. But with the support from Criipto, it is already working as it was straightforward to integrate.”

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