Safer dating with new app

The digital dating market has exploded over the last decade, where platforms match singles based on different criteria. 


Unfortunately, with the increase in dating options, there has also been a rise in people being deceived, violated, and exposed to fraud online. Still, change for the better is possible. DateMinDude (DateMyDude) are first movers.

It all started as a Facebook group where women could share information and photos of a man from their family or close social circle that they could vouch for as a good guy to date. “I was missing an alternative to the superficial dating culture dominating other platforms where everything was about a nice photo and where you during a few seconds are either selected or deselected based on this,” says Louise Dronninglund. She is the creator of the Facebook group and later the app DateMinDude (DateMyDude).

”Many that I have talked to were missing the authenticity and devotion when dating. Then I got the idea because often, women know a man they think is a really good guy without being interested in him themselves. Then it’s a bit safer to date someone another woman has approved of,” she explains and expresses that she thinks women are good at this kind of match-making.

“My experience is that women date more with their hearts. They want as much information as possible about him and to have some kind of certainty that the baseline of the date is the same.”

Women know best

DateMinDude (DateMyDude) was created in 2017 as a modern matchmaker on Facebook, and it turned out to appeal to many by talking straight to their hearts. The social forum was growing fast, and Louise’s idea became popular. “Women could recommend a good friend or a family member they knew was looking for something serious and was a person they could 100% approve of. It creates safety before the date when another woman has approved of them,” Louise explains and emphasises that this helped give all types of men a chance.

”Suddenly, it wasn’t only stereotypical handsome men with big cars and grand gestures receiving requests. Now it was also the guys described as having big hearts and good values that the women reached out to, and that is what I love about this concept,” she emphasises and explains that there are no age criteria or other limitations. “During a few months, we had thousands both applying and recommending, which was cool.”

From idea to concept

The story about women recommending men to other women hit BT’s (Danish newspaper) front page in 2020, and after this, the size of the group exploded. The interview with BT made the outcome. “I woke up to 2000 new requests in the group, and many missed calls on my phone from other media that also wanted interviews. I ended up saying yes to participating in a panel discussion on TV2News (a well-known Danish news channel), where we discussed the dating market. I was encouraged to turn it into an app and work with the idea myself before someone else did it,” Louise says, and after this, she went home to her husband, Peter, and they quickly agreed that they had to give it a go.

”Making an app as a private person without know-how is not something you just do, but finally, in 2020, we launched our new app, DateMinDude (DateMyDude).” The app is different from other dating apps as you only get access to the person’s photos once you have read and accepted the values written about the person. “It is basically about giving each other a chance before deciding if that’s the type you would normally go for,” Louise emphasises and explains that DateMinDude (DateMyDude) is currently working on becoming an app where you can recommend both men and women.

”It is still free to recommend a man or woman, but being the seeking part pays DKK 99 per month, which is just below many of the other apps but at a level where everyone can participate.” In addition, the app has many of the features users from the Facebook group were missing, so you may search for age, location, and similar. “The vast majority have reacted positively to this, but a few think that it is horrible that they now have to pay, but we can live with that.”

Extra security

To give the app an extra layer of validity and confidentiality, they have decided to let the users sign up with NemID (a Danish log-in solution) and soon also MitID. “As an extra service, we also chose a security service for our users where you have to sign up using NemID. In the beginning, people thought they were being tricked because it is so uncommon on general dating apps. Still, we have prioritised this to add an extra layer of safety and seriousness to it,” says Louise. She is surprised that no one else requires the same. Version 2 is on the drawing board, and more features will be added.

”We are working on also getting the men onto the platform so that they can recommend women to other men. Also, there will be chat forums, events, dating advice, and therapy, which many women and men need today. The dating game is really tough,” says Louise and concludes with: “We wish not just to be a dating app but also a social space where helping each other find love is a priority. We dream about getting the app beyond the borders of Denmark, as I am sure that the trend and culture are about to change. We are tired of the superficial dating culture.”

DateMinDude (DateMyDude) is looking for investors that can help to develop further and scale the concept. Still, it is possible to date a dude in Denmark with the safety of knowing that someone else - identified with NemID - has approved of the one you are about to go on a date with.

Find out more about MitID.