Danish MitID is taking over

On October 22nd, MitID will be displayed as the primary login option for all users in Denmark when visiting public websites such as Skat.dk, Borger.dk and Sundhed.dk.

More than 4.5 Mio. Danes have created a MitID user and soon it will be the primary login on public websites, and NemID will be secondary. 

MitID Main


A press release from the Danish Agency for Digitization and Finance Denmark states that from the 22nd of October, NemID will take a step back and make room for MitID to make the Danes comfortable with using the new authentication tool. 

From October 31st, it will no longer be possible to use NemID to login into bank accounts, and therefore, users are advised to switch to MitID now. 

It is still possible to use NemID on non-financial websites and applications until June 2023. 

Read more about our authentication solution for Danish MitID, which comes with web-to-app switch and QR codes to eliminate phishing here.