Coming soon - the Norwegian Biometric BankID-app

There is a new e-ID coming for users in Norway. The Mobile BankID is being replaced by the new BankID-app which will use biometrics as a method of authentication to increase efficiency and security. 1,5 million people are currently using the BankID-app in Norway and many more are joining in the next few months, but is your business ready for it?


This autumn, the switch from mobile BankID to the BankID-app will be a fact for Norwegians. The idea of using the app for authentications and e-signatures of documents is to improve the user experience and make online verifications even faster. 

Through biometrics, users will be able to verify themselves with fingerprint or facial recognition, which will make the individual verification process go from 30 to 10 seconds. The aim of increasing the security of authentications and e-signatures can also be done with biometrics since it will prevent phishing, making users feel safe when engaging with the app.

At the present time, around 100 banks offer the app, and more are on their way. The BankID-app will not require any costs for end users, and it will be available for online authentication and e-signatures in many more situations than previously. Along with biometrics, the new app simplifies the usage of BankID in everyday life.

As a customer of Criipto, switching from the old Norwegian mobile BankID to the new Biometric BankID app is seamless with no or minor changes to your application. We are always ready to help, both new and existing customers.


The new BankID-app will be available for integration on the 15th of August. 

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