3 reasons why e-ID is safer than a regular login

Implementing e-ID to your customer database as a login is safer and smarter and will also save you many resources for administration.

Are you considering to integrate an e-ID in your application or on your website, we are cheering for you to do so, and here is why it is a good idea. 

1) It is harder to steal and copy a person’s e-ID than a regular login with email and password, as there is the extra safety layer on approving your login with two-factor authentication.

2) Usernames and passwords can usually be hacked in less than a minute. If you are dealing with sensitive information, e-ID will be a more secure option since you are not gambling with security due to weak passwords.

3) Usernames are often reused emails, and if one account is hacked, you will be vulnerable on all your accounts.

Using an e-ID as a login in your business adds an extra layer of security simply because it is at least a two-factor authentication and not a reused email and password combination.  

How do I get started?

With our e-ID solution, it is easy to get started. Sign up at Criipto.com and start developing and testing your application. The next step is to register your application's URL and choose the e-IDs of your interest.

Then you are ready to configure your application. Install the OpenID Connect package on your platform and configure it to Criipto Verify as the identity provider.
You are now ready for testing; no registration with e-ID providers is required.

Testing is free 

When you are happy with your testing, you need a paid subscription and then register with one or more of the underlying e-ID providers. This process may take up to a couple of weeks to complete, so be sure to allow enough time.

At Criipto, we offer a flexible payment plan that suits your business. Find the payment plan that is right for your business. Go to our calculator here. 

We offer Swedish BankID, Norwegian BankID, Danish MitID and NemID, Finnish bank and mobile ID, Dutch DigiD, Belgian eID and itsme and also German Sofort Ident by Klarna.
If you are missing an e-ID, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@criipto.com.

Is there a problem?

Don’t worry. We will help you. Criipto offers great support in our Slack-channel, where you get direct access to our developers. We are always just a message away.

Get started today. Push "sign up" and try our free test environment.