3 customer benefits of using biometrics in digital authentications

The use of biometrics online helps us understand who people are and what their true identity is. Biometrics describes a person’s physical features and can be used to recognise their identity through, for example, voice, facial and fingerprint recognition. Authentications through biometrics have been common to us on smartphones and other similar devices. Now, biometrics is also widely used in e-IDs to increase security and improve the user-experience.BankID Face Recognition biometrics

What are the benefits of biometrics in online authentications?

  1. Increased security
    Biometrics increases the security of customer logins since they are using unique physical features to verify themselves. Unlike regular passwords, facial or fingerprint recognition is unique for each person which makes it extremely hard to forge and be used against you. Biometrics prevents phishing attacks and allows customers to feel safe when logging into applications or websites.

  2. Improved customer satisfaction
    By simplifying the login process, higher satisfaction can be achieved. Customers do not have to remember usernames and passwords, making their experience smoother and less frustrating. Logging in with biometrics is also much faster than other alternatives. No time is spent on typing passwords and customers are quickly logged in.

  3. Better customer onboarding
    Using biometrics as a login method allows people to get started more easily. An effortless customer experience prevents users from dropping off when getting started, and a seamless onboarding process also contributes to the overall satisfaction.

Get started with biometric authentications with Criipto

We offer biometrics as a method of authentication and logins through the implementation of national e-IDs. Criipto is an official broker of several national e-IDs such as MitID in Denmark and BankID in Norway and Sweden. Our e-IDs that support biometrics are:

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